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Certified Massage Therapist

Welcome to the website of Certified Massage Therapist Michelle Brohl


Asian Palace


a professional Lakewood massage therapy clinic.

$45 for One Hour

$70 for 1-1/2 Hour

$30 for Half Hour

We offer free -Table Shower, Hot Oil, Hot Stone

Also Free: Our Exhilarating Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Helps Remove Dead, Dry Skin to Expose Younger Looking, Healthy Skin

Try Our Therapeutic Sauna with Aromathrapy and Body Scrub

Benefits of Sauna: Regular use of the sauna gradually restores the skin's elimination ability. Sweating removes toxic chemicals and metals faster than other detox methods. It is a good habit that pays many health dividends.

Improved blood circulation

Weight loss

Skin cleansing

Body relaxation

Mind relaxation

$10 for additional 15 min with Massage

$30 for Body Scrub and 15 min Sauna without Massage

Schedule Your
Massage Now!
Don't put relaxation, reduced stress and pain-relief off any longer. Call today and allow us to share the countless benefits of safe, relaxing therapeutic massage. To learn how to schedule your massage today, click here.

Map & Directions
Need a map and/or directions to our clinic? Check out our interactive map to ensure you arrive safe and on time for your upcoming massage appointment.

Hours of Operation

Asian Palace Spa is open everyday and we encourage appointments. If you make an appointment we will always hold your place. Please Call Michelle at (720) 382 9404

Of Course Walk-ins are also Welcome!

My name is Michelle, and I am a real live Certified Massage Therapist fully licensed and insured in Colorado and nationwide. I also received full training and license in Taiwan for cosmetology.

We offer the best therapeutic massage in Denver. I specialize in Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Cupping Therapy, Stone Massage, and Swedish Massage. You will receive a free Table Shower and at your request a free Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub which helps remove dead, dry skin to expose younger looking, healthy skin. Please ask about our Therapeutic Sauna with Aromatherapy for improved blood circulation, weight loss, skin cleansing, and mind and body relaxation.

30/half hour
70/1 1/2 hour.

When you choose a 1 1/2 hour massage you will also receive (at your request) free facial care treatment which includes an anti-aging collagen mask to give your skin a youthful glow as well as restoring skin structure which leaves your face deeply moisturized, soft and radiant. Men as well as women benefit from this therapy.

Sauna with Aromatherapy - $10 for additional 15 min with Massage

I look forward to serving you soon!


Cupping Therapy Cupping therapy is the method of using glass or plastic cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum. The Chinese have been doing this since ancient times by using heat inside glass or bamboo cups. Nowadays, cupping sets use suction to create the vacuum. The vacuum inside the cups causes the blood to form in the area and help the healing in that area.

Ancient Chinese medicine have
believed that the body contains "Meridians". These meridians are pathways in the body which the energy of life called Qi ("chi") flows through. It flows through every body part, tissue, and organ.

Cupping therapy is mainly performed on one's back because there are five meridians on your back. When these meridians are opened, the internal energy is able to flow through the whole body.
Another healing aspect of cupping therapy is through the release of
toxins in your body. The suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues causing the tissues to release harmful toxins. It triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels, and stretches and activates the

Cupping therapy has been found in ancient records dating back 3500
years and it is still used today by many alternative medicine practictioners. New advancements in technology and materials have been integrated with cupping
therapies and its uses now range for many different treatments and

$15 for 20min

We invite you to contact our clinic today and experience for yourself the benefits of natural, therapeutic massage treatment.

Asian Palace